Writing on the Wall for Norv Turner, A.J. Smith with San Diego Chargers

By Anthony Blake
A.J. Smith - San Diego Chargers

It’s hard to believe that a late November game with a perennial AFC power in the Baltimore Ravens is going to be blacked out in Southern California for San Diego Chargers fans.

In some ways, though, this has become an expectation for the Bolts and their fans given the team’s recent ineptitude under General Manager A.J. Smith and Head Coach Norv Turner. The writing was on the wall for these two entering the 2012 season: make the playoffs, keep your jobs; miss the playoffs, get out.

Now that the club’s struggles have started to take dollars out of team owner and President Dean Spanos’ pocket, perhaps the reality of seeing the organization cleansed from this regime is actually going to happen. Fans have been clamoring for change during the better part of the last decade as Turner continued to win fewer and fewer games and the team became less and less talented. Sometimes it takes a team hit rock bottom for an organization to actually wake up and realize how dire the situation is however.

To proclaim that both Turner and Smith’s tenures with the Bolts have been failures is a bit over the top. The coach (using the term loosely) has a .589 winning percentage with the team while the GM boast a .597 mark. This is remarkable for a franchise that had a difficult time winning more than a third of its games during the late stages of the 1990s and early portion of the 2000s, but not nearly enough considering the two have plateaued and even waned in recent seasons.

Some point to Smith’s inability to put a cohesive group of talent together in the locker room while others believe that Turner has failed to make the players assembled function correctly as a team. Either way, both are on the hook for the mess that currently resides in San Diego and the sand is quickly running out of their respective hourglasses with the team.

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