Chicago Bears Offensive Line Shuffle


You can’t get blood out of a turnip, as the saying goes. And the Chicago Bears can’t get a Hall of Famer out of its current crop of offensive linemen. But the Bears can continue to tweak the unit until they get a group that actually blocks someone. Based on last week’s performance, it is nice to see the Bears trying to fix a problem. Bears fans will just have to keep our fingers crossed.

Two starters were demoted this week. Left guard Chilo Rachal and right tackle Gabe Carimi are now spectators. While Carimi came out and said all the right things, Rachal wasn’t quite as gracious. Rachal left Halas Hall after hearing of the news and tried to return the next day. The Bears weren’t very pleased with his response and kicked the guaerd off the team. Replacing Rachal will be Chris Spencer and Carimi will be replaced by Jonathan Scott. Spencer was the original starter at left guard while Scott is an NFL journeyman with Detroit (twice), Buffalo and Pittsburgh.

Rachal really wasn’t in the club’s future plans. The same can’t be said for former first-round selection Carimi.  I’ve had a hunch his right knee hasn’t fully recovered from last season. While the Bears said this injury wasn’t severe, his total demise seems to be related to footwork. My guess is that Carimi needs more time to heel, so this gives him that opportunity. During training camp, Carimi suggested that he’s still not 100 percent, so playing football isn’t going to help with recovery. While Scott isn’t Anthony Muñoz, he can’t be any less consistent than Carimi.

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