Dallas Cowboys Not Built for Consistency

By Jesus Flores
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE


Building a team is hard.  Building a championship team is harder.

If you’re like most Dallas Cowboys fans, you want nothing less than greatness, but as is the case in many instances, we don’t get what we want.

So, back to the greatness part… is the fact that we expect greatness the reason this team has been such a disappointment this season?

Take into consideration the way this team is built.  The team has home run hitters at many of the skill positions. Now, in making a reference to baseball, think about the home run hitter.  They’re great to watch when they put a charge behind a ball and deposit it into the stands, aren’t they?  But, what about when they strike out?

In many cases, we fail to realize that home run hitters are very streaky.  Sometimes they’ll get hot and hit everything in sight, a La Josh Hamilton, and sometimes they’ll go cold and couldn’t hit the water if they fell out of a boat.

So, why is Jerry Jones building a team, which relies so heavily on the big play?  Well, the answer to that is simple.  He’s building a team of home run hitters because of you, the fan.  In today’s NFL the pressure of winning and winning now, has blinded the fans, but mostly blinded Jones himself.

Jones fell in love with the flash.

In an attempt to win now, Jones has assembled this team with a bunch of guys who, if they hit, they’ll deposit the ball in the stands, but if they miss, as has been the case this season, you’re left with a 5-6 record 11 games in.

What ever happened to consistency?  If you recall, Emmitt Smith wasn’t a home run hitter.  He had the ability to hit a home run, but in many instances he was a consistent single or double kind of guy.  When you needed him to get that timely hit to drive a run in from third, he did.

So, why are we so desperate to have a team of home run hitters?  Because watching fundamentally sound, grind it out football is boring?  I would much rather have a bunch of guys who can get me the timely hit, than a bunch of guys who may or may not hit the home run when they’re out there.

Now, don’t get me wrong having a home run threat isn’t a bad thing; in fact, sometimes one needs that guy to bat cleanup.  I just don’t think having home run threats at every position is necessary.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to get back to the basics and get yourself a bunch of guys who will get you that timely hit.  It’s worked for years up in New England, hasn’t it?

Jesus Flores is a Dallas Cowboys writer for RantSports.com Follow him on Twitter @SSgtFlo1

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