Denver Broncos: Can They Lose on Sunday?

By Joe Morrone

The talk about the Denver Broncos this week has been is there any way they can lose to the Kansas City Chiefs? The real answer is no, probably not but there is one way they can keep it close and if they keep is close then anything can happen. If the Broncos play their game and take the game seriously, then it should be a fairly easy day for Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

The only way the Chiefs stay in the game is with the running game. Despite their 1-9 record, the Chiefs are the fourth ranked rushing team in the NFL. If they can run the football, keep Manning off of the field and play with a lead then they might have a chance to steal the game late. The Chiefs do have some history on their side when it comes to running the football versus the Broncos. In their last five wins over the Broncos, the Chiefs have run the ball extremely well and that will be their game plan on Sunday. All of that sounds great if you are the Chiefs, but there are a couple of problems.

The first problem is the Broncos run defense which has been great ever since their last loss to the New England Patriots. The Patriots were able to run the ball at will but no one else has found that same success. It’s difficult to believe that the Chiefs, with their beat up offensive line, would be able to do much. Running back, Jamal Charles has hurt the Broncos in the past and is the Chiefs only real offensive threat. The Broncos know both of those things and their game plan will be to take away the running game, and force Brady Quinn to beat them with the pass. If Quinn is forced to throw then the Broncos pass rush is going to have a field day with that offensive line.

The other problem with the Chiefs running the ball is they have to play with a lead in order to do that. Up until two weeks ago, the Chiefs never had a lead in regulation and have only held the lead for brief periods of time over the past two weeks. The Broncos goal has to be to score first, force the Chiefs to throw and plant that seed of doubt. The Chiefs are just waiting for something bad to happen; it’s imperative that the Broncos get the lead and then keep building on that lead. The only chance the Chiefs have is to score first and then try to shorten the game by running the ball.

Whenever a team lines up in the NFL; losing is a possibility but a lot of things would have to go right for the Chiefs to beat the Broncos. The Chiefs would have to play perfect and the Broncos would have to help them a lot. Can it happen, sure. Will it happen, not a chance.

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