Dez Bryant’s Restraint With DeAngelo Hall Is A Good Sign For The Dallas Cowboys

By Jeff Everette
Dez Bryant Outrunning the Washington Defense


Questions concerning Dez Bryant’s maturity level have surrounded the talented wideout since his days as an Oklahoma State Cowboy.  Nothing has gotten better during his three seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, and it seems he is always in some type of trouble.  This perceived lack of self-control has led to Bryant’s every move being scrutinized by the media on the national level.  Yet, little has been said about the incident that took place between Bryant and the Washington Redskins DeAngelo Hall during their Thanksgiving Day contest.

Hall has been known to be a hot head in the past, and when Bryant made a huge block along the sideline for a streaking Felix Jones, Hall’s anger got the best of him.

As the video shows, Hall clearly pops Bryant on the chin, but Bryant maintains his composure just enough to restrain from punching the Redskins’ mouthy cornerback.

Debating which player would win in an all out street brawl can be interesting and entertaining, but it is also distracting.  It keeps us from talking about the fact that Hall threw a punch, that the punch failed to draw a flag, or the surprising reaction from Dez Bryant.

Many reacted to Bryant quickly looking around, hoping one of the officials saw him get chin-checked, as a sign of cowardice, or weakness, when in fact it was smart.  Had an official seen the punch, the Cowboys would have added another 15 yards to a huge play, and the Redskins would have lost a key member of their secondary.

Once Bryant realized none of the officials had seen the altercation, the anger over the incident took hold, and he clearly wants to strike back.  For Cowboy fans, this should be the most important part of this entire situation.  Rather than letting his pride get the best of him, Bryant was able to reign in his emotions, just enough to keep himself from retaliating in kind.

Had Bryant reacted to the physical violation by throwing a punch of his own, he would have likely been the one flagged and ejected from the game.  His self-control kept him from hurting his team, and it allowed him to burn the Redskins secondary the rest of the game, scoring two huge touchdowns as the Cowboys tried desperately to mount a comeback.

Dallas lost the game, the first loss on Thanksgiving during the Tony Romo era, but they won in terms of their star wideout growing as a player, and as a man.

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