Manning Sharp After Bye Weeks

By Andrew Lecointe
Andrew Weber — US Presswire

In light of the New York Giants recent struggles, Giants fans are looking at positives to point to in anticipation for tomorrow’s important game against the Green Bay Packers. Here’s one thing to look at that should have us Giants fans excited. QB Eli Manning has been historically excellent in the game following the bye week in the past several seasons.

Since the 2008 season, Manning is undefeated in games following the bye week. He’s also thrown for an average of 320 yards a game while totaling ten touchdowns to just one interception. Many will point to Manning’s study habits as the main reason for his excellent play after getting a Sunday off.

Manning, however, said he got away from football during the bye week. Many of his teammates don’t believe it. It’s hard to believe that when Manning takes this game very seriously like his brother Peyton. Manning probably wasn’t breaking down film of the Packers defense but he probably was catching the Sunday games on television.

The more important thing for Manning is that he was able to rest his arm and his body. Manning has been beaten up recently due to suspect protection from his offensive line. The Giants also haven’t gone to the run game as much at all, leaving Manning to throw more times than usual.

I do not believe Manning is suffering from a tired arm. However, he and the rest of the team got a bye week at the right time. These last six games will determine whether the Giants will win the division and get back into the playoffs. The Giants can still get into the playoffs as a Wild Card, but there are other divisions in the NFC with strong Wild Card options.

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