Denver Broncos Must Start Faster


The Denver Broncos held on to win their sixth straight game in a hard-fought game versus the Kansas City Chiefs. Any win in the NFL is a good one, especially on the road, and the Broncos are still on track for all of their goals. Having said that; the Broncos have to be better at the start of games, it’s been an issue all season.

The Chiefs deserve credit for the effort they put forward on Sunday but if the Broncos come out and jump on them early, then it’s probably not a close game. Even in the games that the Broncos have won easily, starting slow has been a problem. They only have ten points all season on the first drive of the game and often struggle through much of the first half. They can get away with that versus lesser teams like the Chiefs but they cannot play that way in the playoffs.

The good thing is no one knows this more than Peyton Manning and if you watched closely as the time ticked off in the fourth quarter, he was happy with the win but not the performance. The offense had better not plan on sleeping on the way back to Denver today, Manning may want to talk. That may be an overstatement but it illustrates the point.

Do the Broncos need to improve their starts?  Yes, but don’t lose focus of a couple of facts. They are 8-3 and in complete control of their own destiny. It was ugly, but it was a win. If you ask the Pittsburgh Steelers, I’ll bet they would have taken an ugly win over a 2-8 Cleveland Browns team. It is the NFL and every win is a good one!

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