Firing Jason Garrett Not the Right Move for the Dallas Cowboys



The talk of the town following a lackluster performance on Thanksgiving Day is that the Dallas Cowboys need a new head coach.

The fans want a head coach who will hold his players accountable and not just talk about it.  They want a head coach who already knows what to do and isn’t doing on the job training.  As fans, we want the team to progress and not regress, as has been the case on many occasions this season.

Replacing the head coach, however, doesn’t mean that in a sudden change of events everything which ails this team will simply vanish.  Changing head coaches won’t bring instant gratification, and I think most of you can agree with me on that.

So, let’s say Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gets an itchy trigger finger and cans Jason Garrett.  Will the new guy be given the time needed to turn this thing around?  Can he and, most importantly, will he be able to win with the current core of players?

Tony Romo is 32, isn’t getting any younger and has regressed after turning in his best season statistically in 2011.  Jason Witten will be 31 by the time next season rolls around. DeMarcus Ware will also be 31 before next season and hasn’t been as dominant this season in rushing the passer.  Jay Ratliff will be 32 and can’t seem to stay healthy as he continues to battle leg problems.

Changing coaches could mean the end of those guys’ careers in Dallas, could it not?

There are, however, some young guys who have been standouts when they’re on the field.  Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, and DeMarco Murray have shown flashes of excellence, but given their injury plagued pasts, would a new head coach actually want to keep them around?

Change isn’t a bad thing; just don’t think it’s what the Cowboys need right now.  Teams that change coaches every few years don’t and haven’t gone anywhere.

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