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Five Keys to the Bears Beating the Vikings

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Five Keys to the Bears Beating the Vikings

Jay Cutler

Today's game between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings looked like it was going to be a nice little respite for the Bears at the beginning of the season. But the Vikings got off to a hot start and find themselves in striking distance of the NFC North. The Bears, on the other hand, have lost two-games in a row and what seemed like a playoff lock is now a bit more on shaky ground.

The Bears lost to two of the best teams in football between the Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers. While the Texans game was close, the 49ers game raised eyebrows about this team. The 49ers totally dominated both lines of scrimmage and took the Bears out to the woods for a beat-down. Even with a 7-3 record, it's not the most comfortable record.

The Bears got good news yesterday when quarterback Jay Cutler was cleared to play after suffering a concussion two-weeks earlier. Thank goodness, because watching Jason Campbell is painful to watch. With the weather being fairly calm at Soldier Field (sunny and in the 40s with mild wind), the Bears can open things up a bit more. Campbell was incapable of throwing (or thinking).

Whatever the results of tonight's game are, both teams will keep a watchful eye on tonight's action between the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants. I believe there will be many one-day Giants fans tonight in the Midwest.

But first things first, there's a game in Chicago. The Norsemen from Minnesota are looking to lay the hurting on the Bears. If the Bears follow my five recommendations, they'll be the victors today. It's time for the Bears to get back on track and show the world they're still alive and breathing.

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Key on Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson
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I called Adrian Peterson the most overrated player in football last season. OK, there's this large plate of crow in front of me at the moment. Peterson is less than a year removed from major knee surgery, and he's even better than before. He's really something special. That being said, the Bears need to hit him early and often. They need to shadow him all over the field. It needs to be an uncomfortable day for the former Oklahoma Sooner. With a suspect passing game, the Vikings will look to establish the run. And the Bears need to prove they can stop it.

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Make Christian Ponder Beat You with his Arm

Christian Ponder
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Quarterback Christian Ponder is missing Percy Harvin today. He's almost as valuable to the Vikings as Brandon Marshall is to the Bears. I would make him throw the ball early and often. The Vikings are going to come off the bus running, but putting them in passing situations will make all the difference today.

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Run the Darn Football

Matt Forte
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Matt Forte and Michael Bush need to stop screwing around and make plays. This will make everyone and everything better today. It is starting to get annoying that the Bears refuse to run the ball especially with these two in the backfield.

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Have the Offensive Line Be Less Offensive

Chris Spencer

Goodbye Gabe Carimi and Chilo Rachal and hello Jonathan Scott and Chris Spencer. The Bears are trying to fix the offensive line that turned the 49ers front four into Hall of Famers. I'm not doing cartwheels, but I am glad they're trying something new.

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Contain Jared Allen

Jared Allen
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Jared Allen is licking his chops. And it's hard not to blame him. The Bears just need to minimize the damage, and not let Allen go crazy today. I'm sure Allen wants to add to his seven sacks, and thinks today is the day to do it. I can't say I feel good about the Bears chances of stopping him, but my recommendation would be to run the ball at Allen and let the line wear him down. If he's allowed to rush the passer, he will be dangerous. But tiring him out with the run will go a long way in helping the cause.