Indianapolis Colts: Win Unofficially Clinches Playoff Berth

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Indianapolis Colts beat the Buffalo Bills 20-13 in what could be considered a very sloppy game. The Colts struggled a bit on the offensive side of the ball and did just enough on the defensive side to get the win. Ugly wins still count as victories though and an ugly win improved the Colts to 7-4 and pretty much clinched a playoff berth.

I said before the game that the winner of today’s game would go on to represent the AFC in one of the two wildcard spots. Not only did the Colts win, but the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Cleveland Browns and moved the Colts one game ahead of the sixth seed and two games over the rest. With only five games left and two guaranteed wins on the schedule the Colts’ win today unofficially clinched a playoff berth.

Indianapolis has three road games with the struggling Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Houston Texans left. They also have two home games against divisional opponents the Tennessee Titans and the Texans on the slate too. The Titans and Chiefs games should be easy wins and improve the Colts to 9-7 at worse case scenario. The Lions are no give me, but if Indianapolis can get over their road woes, they can be 10-6 at worse case scenario.

Also, I think the Colts can extend the streak of beating Houston in every home game since the Texans’ inception since the game will be the season finale and both teams should have everything wrapped up. If all the above happens who would have thought the Colts would be 11-5 in year one of a rebuilding effort?

No matter what happens in the final five weeks, the Colts have vastly improved to a playoff team in the first year of a rebuilding effort with a interim coach and rookies. That’s impressive.

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