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Oakland Raiders: The Injury Report is the cause of losing streak

Oakland Raiders Darren McFadden - Kirby Lee


As the Oakland Raiders are set to play the Cincinnati Bengals, their injury report stays just about the same.

The Raiders butcher’s list consists of running backs Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson, as well as starting defensive tackle Richard Seymour.

McFadden has had a disappointed season due to injury to say the least, even without the injuries the mix between the poor performing offensive line and his lack of ability to run hard. Plenty of Raider fans love McFadden, but it happens all the time where a team is not smart enough to better prepare for a injury prone running back.

Goodson is not that back, a back who can step up and be a big time running back. Don’t get me wrong, I think he can be a big x-factor on offense, but he is not the type of back who can make the same carries and plays as McFadden. Goodson suffered a high ankle sprain, just as McFadden did, and both remain out after three weeks.

Seymour has had a very lackluster year so far. He has not produced many big plays, well, because he is a defensive tackle, but he still should contribute to stopping the running game.

This is the same writer who said that the Raiders should trade Seymour for draft picks and trade for running back Steven Jackson to add depth to the offense.

The Raiders will face the Bengals today, and if they get destroyed again, the Raiders will have to make some big changes to their team.