Richard Sherman And Brandon Browner Facing Four Game Suspensions

By Riley Schmitt


Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman are two of the lynchpins on the Seattle Seahawks defense. It appears the team will be without those two for four games as both players have failed a drug test. Appeals are still ongoing.

This is huge news and it will have a severe impact on the Seahawks.  If these two do not win their appeals, I cannot see the team making the playoffs.  It blows a giant hole in their secondary, which is where their defense makes most of its bones.  Without those two, opposing quarterbacks should be able to throw on them.

Appeals are ongoing so we will see if they end up winning them.  Not a lot of players end up winning drug test appeals, but stranger things have happened.  If these two do win, it could be a galvanizing force for the team.  They might adapt a mentality that could push them to new heights.

Honestly, I have never seen this many drug suspensions in my life.  This year has had a ton of players banned and it appears the list grows every week.  These are two of the bigger names to get hit with a ban, which means that the testing policy is working.

Just bad news for the Seahawks all around today.  They choked away a potential road win and now their playoff hopes may have just vanished.

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