The Arizona Cardinals' Season is Over

By Kase Brammer
Rams and Cardinals
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The Arizona Cardinals cannot figure out how to get back to winning. On Sunda, against the St. Louis Rams, the Cardinals lost their 7th straight game. Like last week, turnovers were the story of the game. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, they were on the wrong side of the battle. Rookie QB Ryan Lindley threw for over 300 yards, but his four interceptions were what stood out in this game.

CB Janoris Jenkins will be in Lindley’s nightmares tonight. The corner back picked Lindley off twice for touchdowns. Lindley looked like a pro at times in the game today, but he showed fans that he is a rookie all too often. He was still unable to get the ball to WR Larry Fitzgerald, but he did spread the ball around quite well, so it’s hard to say that was the reason for this loss.

Where do the Cardinals go from here?

It’s time to play for next season. QB Kevin Kolb might be healthy soon, but with no real chance at the playoffs, the Cardinals need to let Lindley get through his growing pains. Let Kolb get 100 percent healthy and evaluate both quarterbacks in the off season.  I say both because I do not believe John Skelton should be a part of the conversation heading into training camp in 2013.

One of the bright spots in this game was the performance from RB Beanie Wells coming off injured reserve. He took the ball 17 times and scored twice in Sunday’s game. The Cardinals can win more games this season. The defense did get burned today on the ground, but they are still some of the best defenders in the NFL.

Decisions on what the Cardinals will do with the rest of their season will come quickly. The Cardinals will be looking at the coaches on this team quite hard for the next five games. Some of them will not be returning next year.

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