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Chicago Bears: Lance Louis Placed On Injured Reserve List


After a 28-10 victory over a bitter division rival plus a loss from your closet division rival in the Green Bay Packers, you would think as a Chicago Bears fan I would be over the moon.

Instead I am upset and frankly absolutely furious that the Bears will be without their best offensive lineman, RG Lance Louis,  for the rest of the season with a torn ACL, received from a cowardly cheap shot from Minnesota Vikings DE Jared Allen.

It is about time the NFL started to put up or shut up on player safety. Every week I see dangerous plays given flags only to be offset against stupid penalties, or worse, dangerous plays not even flagged at all.

Reprehensible action needs to be more severe and far more expensive to a players wallet, Allen knew exactly what he was doing last night with his blindside helmet to helmet hit on Louis.

I am not saying he wanted the outcome to be Louis sitting out the season, but who the hell cares, his intention was to take a lineman out of the game, he has subsequently been injured for the season, Allen must be banned and his fine money should be substantial enough to cover the rest of Louis’ rehabilitation period.

The only way plays such as Allen will learn is if they miss game time, and lose a lot of money, players cannot moan they are looking for market value as a way of explaining away their extortionate contracts, when their fine and suspension system is so heavily broken.

The real sad part is nothing will change, the league and Roger Goodell will pay its usual lip service on player safety, players such as Allen will continue to throw the idiotic blocks to players and the round and round in circles the league will go.

For all those who want to try and argue that what Allen did last night was grossly out of order, watch the play again, but in your minds eye put a Detroit Lions number 90 jersey on Allen and tell me there wouldn’t be complete uproar.

If that had been Ndamukong Suh everyone would be calling for him to be thrown out of the league, instead its just the unfortunate accident of a football play in some people’s eyes, it is frankly pathetic.

So now the Bears must solider on the rest of the season, without the only lineman that didn’t make you want to rip your eyes, out on the field and no doubt we will hear the same old sorry apologies and the same old excuses.

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