Cleveland Browns: A New Breed of Tight End

By Ryan Ruiz
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First it was Tony Gonzalez. Then came Kent State University product Antonio Gates. Recently, former Miami Hurricanes tight end Jimmy Graham has risen to stardom in the Big Easy. What do all these players have in common? They all are former basketball players and played at their respective colleges.

In 2011, the Cleveland Browns drafted Jordan Cameron in the fourth round. The former basketball player from the University of Southern California was overlooked by pretty much every team in the NFL. What made matters worse was that the Browns personnel called a player by the name of Cameron Jordan to tell him that Cleveland was going to select him with their next pick on day two of the draft. The only problem with that was the New Orleans Saints had already selected Jordan in the first round the previous day. It was just a small mix up, to say the least. What are the odds of two players with the same name getting confused like this?

After sitting pretty much the entire 2011 season out because of depth chart purposes, Cameron was poised to have a break out year in 2012. If given the opportunity, the second year man looks to plead his case. The key phrase, though, is if given the opportunity.

In the preseason and regular season so far, Cameron has showed some flash and is very noticeable when he’s on the football field. Look at no. 84 in two tight end sets and in some play action. These past few weeks, Alex Smith has been moved to full back. With Smith now at a new position, Cameron has caught 14 passes for 152 yards. During all of last year, he had 6 receptions for 33 yards.

If given the opportunity, Cameron will be foaming at the mouth at a chance, so look for him to make his presence felt. He already has made some acceptable plays so far this year, including yesterday’s touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was the first of his career.

With his size, speed, basketball ups and soft hands, Cameron can the silent assassin the Browns are looking for. The bottom line is, get this guy more reps and the reward will be great. Hopefully the Browns will use Cameron more in these last few contests.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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