Denver Broncos Sign Jacob Hester

By Joe Morrone

The Denver Broncos signed running back/fullback, Jacob Hester on Monday. The former San Diego Chargers running backfills the roster spot vacated by Willis McGahee, and brings a number of things to the Broncos that they need.

The Broncos have struggled all season to convert on short yardage, particularly on 3rd and 1 and it has stalled too many drives. Hester is a terrific short yardage back and will help in that area immediately. Sometimes converting a simple 3rd and 1 early in the drive is the catalyst to a scoring drive; the Broncos have to be better in that area and Hester will help.

Hester is also an outstanding blocker; both in the running game and with blitz pickup. The primary reason that Knowshon Moreno played so much on Sunday versus the Kansas City Chiefs was his blocking ability, so the Broncos are very committed to protecting Peyton Manning. Once again, Hester does that very well. Hester can also contribute in the passing game; he is a good receiver and knows what to do with the ball after he catches it.

The biggest thing Hester brings to the Broncos is his ability on special teams; he has been described as a special team’s ace and will upgrade the team tremendously in that area. The Broncos have been decent on special teams but they have struggled some in kickoff coverage; Hester will help. In addition to what he brings to the Broncos on the field, Hester is a great locker room guy and will fit in perfectly to an all ready tight locker room.

Signing Hester will go unnoticed by most but this is a solid signing; he won’t score that touchdown from the one-yard line but he will provide the crucial block. He won’t return a punt for a touchdown but he will stop the opponents from doing it. In short, Hester will do all of those little things that no one sees but it is those little things that win games.

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