Jacksonville Jaguars Fans Should Not Fall In Love With Chad Henne

By Joey Farbo
Jacksonville Jaguars Chad Henne

It is happening again to Jacksonville Jaguars fans, they are falling in love with their backup quarterback.

The Jaguars fans did it in 2007 when David Garrard replaced Byron Leftwich and now they have started to fall for Chad Henne in a similar way, but they should not rush to declare him the answer at the quarterback position.

Yes, Henne gives the Jaguars a better chance to win than Blaine Gabbert did, but that is not saying much given how poorly Gabbert has played in his first two seasons.

The truth is we already know what Henne is. He is a capable backup quarterback who gives his team a chance to win when he is called upon to start, but as he showed in his two full seasons as the Miami Dolphins starter he is not capable of sustaining success as a starter.

Naturally Jaguars fans are excited because he is now 1-0 as the Jags starting quarterback, but the last five games of the season I would expect Henne to regress back to the mean. Especially with four AFC East opponents looming on the schedule, four teams that know Henne really well including the Dolphins franchise that allowed him to walk after his rookie contract expired.

Even if Henne finishes the season with a winning record as a starting quarterback with the Jaguars, the truth is that the Jags long-term answer at the position is not currently on the roster. The lack of elite talent at the top of this year’s draft class may allow Henne to hold on to the starting job into next season, but Jaguars fans should not fall in love with him because they would be making the same mistake they made five years ago.

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