Martellus Bennett Gets to Play Superhero After New York Giants Win

By Christopher Gamble


Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Martellus Bennett is a huge fan of comic books and after the New York Giants win over the Green Bay Packers, Bennett got to play the role of superhero.

Bennett was throwing his gloves to some young fans in the stands when a middle-aged man attempted to intercept Bennett’s gloves but instead lost his balance and started to tumble onto the field. Bennett, citing his “spidey-senses” wouldn’t let that happen and caught the man, breaking his fall before player and fan tumbled to the turf.

Bennett’s actions might have saved the man’s life, or saved him from costly medical bills. “I’m usually a ninja, but my Spidey-senses told me he was going to take a fall, so I saved his life. He owes me his first-born or something. Actually I don’t want that. Maybe a sandwich or something.”

Perhaps there is a new comic book coming featuring Bennett as a mild-mannered football player by day and becoming “The Black Unicorn” (Bennett’s self-proclaimed nickname) by night, saving people from danger all over the New York City metropolitan area.

As for the overzealous man who was trying too hard to rob kids of the gloves Bennett intended to give them, he was led away by three New Jersey State Troopers to be processed for removal from MetLife Stadium.

According to reports the man claimed he was pushed. It isn’t likely that the man was arrested. Instead he was probably taken to the bowels of MetLife Stadium to be out-processed with all the other drunk and disorderly individuals.

I just hope Bennett doesn’t decide to start wearing tight spandex on an everyday basis now with a unicorn emblazoned on the chest.


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