New York Giants Hand the Green Bay Packers Their First Loss in Five Games


The Green Bay Packers (7-4) were leading the NFC North for less than a week. Tonight, thanks to a Chicago Bears win and Packers smackdown at MetLife Stadium to the New York Giants (7-4) 38-10, the Packers find themselves in second place behind the Bears (8-3). Meanwhile, the Giants appear to be pulling ahead of the NFC East with a two-game lead over the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys.

This was a tough game for the Packers that were without the services of Charles Woodson and Clay Matthews III on defense and Greg Jennings on offense. Even so, the Giants defense set the tone of this game causing two key turnovers deep in Packers territory. The Packers defense was unable to stop most of what the Giants wanted to do. Considering the importance of this game, the Packers seemed to leave their talents back in Wisconsin.

The Giants have been quite frustrating this season for their fans. There are times when they look like repeating champions, but other times they’ll lay eggs and just seem like it isn’t their year. Quite frankly when the Giants are good they’re great, but when they’re bad their terrible. Tonight, they were great. On the flipside, Aaron Rodgers continues to take a beating being sacked five times. Rodgers has been sacked more than any other quarterback in football, and he took some real shots tonight. The Packers defense certainly is missing key parts, but the offensive line that was already in shambles really misses the services of right tackle Bryan Baluga who’s out with a hip injury. We all know how good Rodgers can be, but at my last double-check he cannot play when he’s constantly being pressured. The Giants defense attacked Rodgers all night long.

As we’ve all learned in football, it isn’t who starts the race but who finishes it. The Packers are still a dangerous football team and need to make the playoffs. As long as the Giants don’t collapse, they should be a lock. Either one of these teams, when healthy, wouldn’t shock many people if they made the Super Bowl. But for the Packers, they need to get healthy.


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