NFL Rumors: Ray Lewis to Return This Season

By Marc Jenkins
NFL Rumors: Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis Will Be Back This Season
Evan Habeeb-US Presswire

In the Baltimore Ravens 31-29 week six victory over the Dallas Cowboys, the Ravens watched their franchise’s top player in history, Ray Lewis, go down with what at the time seemed like a season-ending injury.

During that October 14, contest Lewis tore his triceps muscle and was said to be out for the remainder of the season. According to Yahoo! Sports, who have cited more than six sources, they say that Lewis is expected to make a return sometime next month, roughly just two months following what was a devastating injury.

Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo had the following to say to the website in regards to Lewis returning this season, “For the greatest player in Ravens history to be able to return from this injury and come on this championship run with us? When he was said to be down and out? Man, that’s critical mass. When he comes through that tunnel, that’s gonna be the earthquake and the tsunami.”

Lewis, who was in attendance on the sidelines cheering his team on in their 16-13 overtime victory over the San Diego Chargers, had the following to say to Yahoo! Sports about his possible return, “You’ve got eyes — what do you expect to happen? I’m here to support my team.”

If Lewis does makes his return this year as expected, he will be the second member of the Ravens defense to make a miraculous recovery from a serious injury this season. Earlier this year linebacker Terrell Suggs returned to the field just seven months after rupturing his Achilles during the off-season. Doctors said that Suggs wouldn’t be able to return until nine to 12 months following the injury.

If the Ravens can get a healthy Ray Lewis back into their defensive rotation then Baltimore has as good as a shot as anyone to take home the Lombardi trophy in February.

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