Poor play results in poor grades for Oakland Raiders

By Josh Walfish
Frank Victores- US PRESSWIRE

The Oakland Raiders played arguably their worst game of the season Sunday in the 34-10 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. The game might have been relatively close, but the stats don’t back up the score line.

Quarterbacks- It was a bad day for Carson Palmer, which should have been expected given how well he’s played this season. It’s tough to carry an offense, but that is the task given to Palmer this season and he failed miserably Sunday. C-

Running Backs- Let’s give credit where it is due and acknowledge how well Marcel Reece played as the starting running back. He ran for about five yards per carry, which is about what you can ask him to do especially as a natural fullback.  B

Wide Receivers- This group had four catches total Sunday, not acceptable for any team in the NFL. To make matters worse, Darius Heyward-Bey and Denarius Moore combined for one catch, unfathomable for a team’s top-two wideouts. F

Offensive Line- Palmer tasted the turf way too much as the offensive line gave up four sacks. The running game was solid, but this is a pass-based offense. C

Defensive Line- The Bengals ran over this defense like it wasn’t there. The defensive line got two sacks, but it couldn’t stop a running game which is average at best. D

Linebackers- It’s tough to judge this unit because there were a lot of tackles for the linebackers. At the same time, it needs to limit the running game a lot more than it did. C

Secondary- This grade was more based on the fact A.J. Green had 111 yards on three catches and Mohamed Sanu made the incredible one-handed touchdown catch. The secondary limited the amount of passing yards, but not the big plays. D

Special Teams- No special teams miscues and Sebastian Janikowski hit a 55-yard field goal. Shane Lechler had another great day punting, so you can’t complain much. A-

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