Coaching Staff Deserves Credit for St. Louis Rams Win

By Anthony Blake
Jeff Fisher - St. Louis Rams
Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Coaching has been a big topic for the St. Louis Rams thus far in 2012 and the underlying feelings hasn’t always been positive. Recently however, the staff deserves a tremendous amount of credit for making adjustments on the fly to turn things in their favor. During the game with the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, the Rams listened to their coaches and completely changed the complexion of the game at the half.

Down 17-14 at halftime, the Rams could have easily taken a ‘woe is me’ attitude back out onto the field and perpetuated their own misfortune on Sunday. Thankfully the coaching staff made some changes to their attack on rookie signal caller Ryan Lindley of the Cards in the second half and brought some pressure.

During the opening half, Beanie Wells ran successfully against limited pressure and six or fewer bodies in the box on defense. According to defensive end Chris Long, credit goes to the coaches for the change in the second half. He said: “Our coaches made awesome adjustments in the second half. We stopped the run, which was huge. We didn’t do that enough in the first half. But in the second half when they decided they were going to air it out, we made adjustments and the whole game changed.”

Another change came on offense where running back Steven Jackson had 10 carries for 41 yards in the opening half. The ante was upped in the second half where the back accumulated 14 more totes for 98 yards. That emphasis on punishing the Arizona defense really wore them down and made things much easier in all aspects for the Rams offensively in half number two.

While it would be nice to see the Rams enact a dominating gameplan from start to finish, it’s great to see a coaching staff capable of thinking on its feet. Credit goes to Jeff Fisher and his staff who have been questioned a bit over the past month or so. 10 penalties still hurt the team on Sunday, but if they can continue to make adjustments during the practice week, this club should continue to enjoy more success in the season’s final weeks.

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