Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Rambles On About Head Coach Jason Garrett

By Ben Grimaldi
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It is a Tuesday during the NFL season and it has become a ritual for Dallas Cowboys fans to hear from the delusional mind of owner Jerry Jones. You see, every Tuesday he jumps on the radio to make his thoughts known.  Not only to Cowboys fans, but he is also gracious enough to allow the rest of the football world to make fun of him.

It’s during these appearances where Jones likes to ramble on and talk out of both sides of his mouth. It’s also where Jones makes up phrases that a writer like myself can use for a long time. Some of these phrases include “Romo friendly” and “glory holes.” Today, Jones brought up a new one for us while talking about head coach Jason Garrett.

“I don’t want to rule out anything,” Jones said on KRLD-FM. “Jason could easily be a walk-around coach. All you got to do is get him an offensive coordinator. You take away some of the pluses that go with being the coordinator and the head coach.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the “walk-around coach.” Wait a minute, don’t all coaches walk around though? Very confusing stuff from Jones, but he would give us more. After all, what would Jones be if he wasn’t talking in circles?

“He certainly has the capacity to handle a lot of things. I’ve heard all my life if you really want a job done right, pick the busiest person you can find to go do it. It’s always worked that way…The facts are, you do know you can cover too much ground and you let details drop through the cracks when you cover a lot of ground. The advantages are also there. At this particular juncture, Jason doesn’t have too much on his plate.”

In typical Jones fashion, he talks long enough to contradict himself. From “it’s always worked that way,” to “you do know you can cover too much ground and you let details drop through the cracks.”

So which is it Mr. GM? Does it work having your head coach as a coordinator or doesn’t it? Even when he tries to tell us what he believes he manages to change his mind.

The biggest problem I have with what Jones says is letting “details drop through the cracks.” Details, Mr. Jones, are what separates the good teams from the bad. Making sure those “details” are taken care of means a few more victories on the season. “Details” are the difference in 11-5 and 8-8, what was the Cowboys record last year?

It just goes to show that Jerry Jones still doesn’t get it.

For Jones and his Cowboys, it does appear as though there is too much on Jason Garrett’s plate. We’ve got 27 games, not counting his interim season, to see that it hasn’t worked. Garrett’s record in those games is 13-14 and the results have basically been the same. Garrett and his Cowboys make the same mistakes and have the same problems every week. Those are big “details” the Cowboys have let slip through the cracks.

I’m not saying it’s time to give up on Garrett as the head coach, but it certainly looks like it is time to give up on him holding the offensive coordinator title. It hasn’t worked Jerry’s way so far so maybe it’s time they gave Garrett the title of “walk-around coach?”

Either way, Jones continues to talk in circles. Just make sure you tune in next Tuesday and he’ll surely be just as fun to listen to.

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