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Denver Broncos: Winning With Talent and Chemistry


The Denver Broncos are winning football games for a lot of reasons and of course the number one reason is talent. In the end, it is usually talent that wins games but not always. The Philadelphia Eagles have a ton of talent and they can’t win a game to save their lives. The Broncos have something that only a few teams have and that maybe the difference between a good season and a great one.

The Broncos are one of tightest teams in the NFL and that allows them to hold one another accountable. Every team watches game film with the coaches after every game; that’s the norm but what the Broncos are doing is a step beyond that. The offense and the defense are getting together on their own to watch film, and the players are speaking up about their play. It may not sound like a big deal but when players are holding each other accountable; that’s when special things start to happen. If a player knows that he is going to be called out by a teammate in a meeting for not doing his job, then chances are they are going to do everything in their power to get the job done.

Back when Peyton Manning signed, there was a lot of talk about what he brings off of the field. No one knows for sure, but I’m guessing that this is the Manning effect. No one holds teammates more accountable than Manning and it has rubbed off on the rest of the team. In addition to the on-the-field benefits of watching film together, the Broncos are also bonding during these film sessions. If you watch this team it is easy to see how close they are, and how they play for each other. Those things don’t just happen, they happen when a group of players decide that the team is more important than any one player.

The Denver Broncos are in the midst of what might be a special season and their talent is the primary reason, but not the only one. It’s a team that cares about one another, cares more about team than individuals and is not afraid to hold one another accountable. The Broncos signed Jacob Hester on Monday because he can help the football team, but Hester also fits into the personality of the Broncos. Trust me, John Elway and John Fox are very aware of the special chemistry on this team and they will not sign anyone who might disrupt that. Some teams have talent, some teams have chemistry but the Broncos have both and that’s a big reason why they’ve won six straight.

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