Inconsistency Follows Corey Webster

By Andrew Lecointe


Andrew Mills/The Star-Ledger — US Presswire

New York Giants CB Corey Webster is the team’s No. 1 cornerback. Sometimes, Webster plays like he is the team’s best cornerback. Other times, you wish CB Prince Amukamara had that position. This is simply because of the inconsistencies Webster has displayed at the position.

Webster was finally able to prove himself late in the 2007 season. Webster was a disappointment up until that point and was mostly used on special teams. Webster solidified himself as a starter in the league during the playoffs, where he had two interceptions and routinely guarded the other team’s best receiver. The Giants ended up winning the Super Bowl.

Webster has been their best cornerback since, and has proven to be so. While not a ball hog or anything spectacular, Webster has been consistent at that position for several years. In 2010, Webster had a career-high four interceptions. Last season, Webster topped that by racking up six interceptions.

Webster has four interceptions so far this season, so he’s definitely playing well at times. However, he has played terrible at times, evidenced by his allowance of big plays in the opposing team’s passing game. Last year, the Giants were solid in giving up big plays. They didn’t give up many.

This year, the Giants are among the worst teams defensively in big plays allowed. Webster is a major reason why. It started in the opening game against the Dallas Cowboys. In that game, Webster was badly burned by WR Kevin Ogletree on a touchdown reception.

In the game before the bye, against the Cincinnati Bengals, Webster was burned by WR A.J. Green for a touchdown. In the first quarter of their latest game, Green Bay Packers WR Jordy Nelson became the latest suspect to burn Webster for a touchdown.

In all three instances, Webster was far from the picture after getting burned. These are inconsistencies Webster will need to take care of. In the next three games, the Giants will face Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III, New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees and Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan. Webster will need to play better if the Giants want to win.

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