Jay Cutler Cannot Win

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ESPN‘s Tom Jackson is the latest member of the media to take a shot at Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Jackson took issue with how Cutler entered the stadium with his head down and didn’t acknowledge stadium employees.

IS HE SERIOUS? This is just another in a long-line of shots that Cutler has taken during his career. Now I’ve met Jackson and will tell you he’s a great guy, but do you suspect this attack of Cutler has to do with everything that went down with the Denver Broncos? Jackson played 14 years for the Broncos and still has strong ties to that organization.

Meanwhile, as we all saw after the Green Bay Packers lost to the Seattle Seahawks, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers pushed a camera out of his face. I would suspect that pushing a camera-person is worse than walking into a stadium with one’s head down. Of course, I’m sure Jackson would never point that out. He’d say that Rodgers has every right to shove people because he’s Aaron Rodgers. Just imagine if there was a YouTube video of Cutler almost knocking over a breast cancer survivor? These are all things that Rodgers has done in his career.

The continuing double-standard of Cutler reporting sees no end. For the record, Cutler isn’t the most likable athlete. And I am fine with that. Other starting quarterbacks around the league have raped women, stolen merchandise and killed dogs, but Cutler continues to be a target. As a fan of the Bears, I am glad their quarterback isn’t any of those things. Of course, the media will be waiting in the wings to attack Cutler. All I know is that if the worst thing he does is not look up on his way into a stadium, the Bears are in pretty good shape.

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