New York Jets Guard Brandon Moore Rips Cris Collinsworth's Shoddy Analysis

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The New York Jets spent their weekend reeling after their ugly blowout loss to the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving night, an embarrassing display that crippled their already slim playoff hopes.

The play that epitomized Thursday’s game, if not the Jets’ entire 2012 season, was the infamous “butt fumble” play, when Mark Sanchez bumped into right guard Brandon Moore, fumbling the ball for a Patriots touchdown.

On the play, as seen below, there was a blown assignment after the snap, leaving Sanchez without anybody to hand the ball off to, so he tried to tuck and run on the broken play, only to slide right into the backside of Moore.

After the hoopla surrounding the unusual play got back around to Moore, the Pro Bowl guard spoke out Monday about NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth, who gushed on-air about Moore getting “forklifted” by Vince Wilfork.

“The Collinsworth guy, I’ve never been a big fan of his,” Moore said. “To portray it that way and to see it on TV, somebody slides into the back of you, that play happens a lot.”

To be fair, Moore has a point. If you watch the replay, Moore clearly gets a push on Wilfork right from the get go, and he didn’t get “thrown” at all by the Patriots’ defensive lineman. Wilfork had nothing to do with the Jets’ misfortunes.

It was a bizarre play, amidst many bizarre plays that have plagued the Jets all season long, this game being no exception. But that doesn’t mean Brandon Moore was going to let Collinsworth off the hook.

“Just as a commentator, I don’t particularly care for him,” Moore said. “That’s just as a fan watching the games in general.”

When asked specifically why, Moore was coy. “I don’t need to get into [specifics]. He’s … whatever.”

Regardless of the strange season the Jets have had, I’ve got to side with Brandon Moore on this one. As a former NFL player and current analyst, Collinsworth shouldn’t be spreading misinformation to the masses.

Sanchez may have accidentally head-butted his teammate, but at least he didn’t get his head stuck. Unfortunately for Collinsworth, his head is still firmly entrenched in his rear end. Where’s John Madden when you need him?

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