NFL Power Rankings: Arizona Cardinals Holding Steady

By Kase Brammer
Arizona Cardinals
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

According to the ESPN NFL Power Rankings the Arizona Cardinals have finally leveled off after falling 20 spots during their seven game losing streak. It’s hard to say they will continue to hold at 25, but hopes are high considering the poor teams that are below them.

The Cardinals upcoming game will tell the tale. The New York Jets are a poor football team. I wouldn’t say they are as bad as the Cardinals have looked these past seven losses, but they are just two spots a head of them at 23. If the Cardinals lose on Sunday, they need to sit QB Kevin Kolb for the rest of the season. Put him on injured reserve and just stick with QB Ryan Lindley for the remaining games.

It is still quite obvious that Kolb gives the Cardinals the best chance to win. However, the Cardinals will lose draft spots with each win. After the 17th week the Cardinals will go into the off season with a lot of questions. The first is going to be, do they want to stick with their current coaching staff and quarterbacks?

I would say no chance, but depending on the head coach and money the front office wants to spend their options are limited. If they bring in a new guy with a new system, he is going to want a quarterback that fits his needs. If Ken Whisenhunt is still the guy, there is no reason to think Kolb will not be the starter in week one of the 2013 season.

After the Cardinals figure out what they want to do with their coaching staff and quarterback, there is the offensive line, draft day, and whatever else this team needs to do to become a playoff contender. I know the Cardinals are five players or less away from being playoff contenders, but those players are big time contributors. What do you think are the biggest needs on this Arizona team?

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