NFL Rumors: Terrelle Pryor may get some action for the Oakland Raiders

By Jeremy Hayes
Pryor- Mark J. Rebilas
Mark J. Rebilas- US Presswire


The Oakland Raiders have just been eliminated from winning the AFC West and a winning-record. Is it time for Terrelle Pryor’s shot in Oakland?

The Raiders (3-8) have nothing going for them. Just when you think Carson Palmer can give the team a shot to win games, he showed an awful performance (no thanks to the offensive line) in this past Sunday’s game.

Now that the season is pretty much lost, should the Raiders give Pryor a shot.

Hate to say it, but yes.

Now that the season is lost, they can afford to give Pryor a shot to see what he is made of. Palmer is still the better quarterback, but right now thinking of the franchise as a whole, Pryor needs to be the one to step under center.

Raiders coach Dennis Allen said that the idea has been discussed to get Pryor involved. Pryor is a talent, but a raw talent indeed. Raider fans can agree or disagree, but the truth is, right now, Palmer is still the better quarterback.

Allen needs to make the move to save his job, all of this is poor team management from the general manager to the coaches. Injuries happen, but you still need depth on your team, otherwise it is a bad job by the general manager.

The only thing that would keep fans cheering for their team, is if they take Pryor for a spin and just let it all play out.

He could be the next superstar, we’ll have to wait and see.



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