NFL Rumors: Philadelphia Eagles Coach Andy Reid's Job Is Safe, This Week

By Ben Grimaldi
Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

The Philadelphia Eagles lost their seventh straight game last night at home to the Carolina Panthers and their record now sits at 3-8. I’m guessing there aren’t many Eagles fans who would have predicted that record through 11 games before the season began.

Despite the lousy record and the public outcry for Andy Reid to be fired as head coach, his job remains safe, for now. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Reid will retain the head coach title of the Eagles for another week. This means Reid will coach against the equally frustrating Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.

It’s interesting that McLane reports Reid will be the coach for “another week,” implying that Reid’s job may be in question on a week to week basis. However, that doesn’t make a ton of sense, since the Eagles haven’t played well recently and there was nothing last night to convince anyone the Eagles are getting ready to turn it around.

It could also mean the team has no plans of firing the veteran coach before the season ends and the Eagles could be allowing one of the best coaches in franchise history to ride the season out.

So Reid has apparently has gotten the dreaded vote of confidence for this week, which means it wouldn’t be a total shock if he gets fired before this weekend’s game against Dallas.

Reid looks to be a lame duck coach and it’s puzzling why the Eagles will allow him to coach any more games? Perhaps the organization is giving Reid one last shot a division rival.

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