NFL Rumors: Should the Denver Broncos Sign Jason Babin?

By Joe Morrone

The Philadelphia Eagles released defensive end Jason Babin on Tuesday as they begin the house cleaning that is sure to take place in the off-season. Babin is having a down year, but he is still one of the premiere pass rushers in the NFL. Whenever a player of Babin’s quality becomes available, the natural question for fans is: should our team sign him? The Denver Broncos have a top ten defense and the best pass rush in the league based on sacks. So does Babin make sense for the Broncos?

The answer is yes, of course he does, but that doesn’t mean it will happen. Adding Babin would turn the Broncos defense into a top five defense and they would be almost impossible to block in passing situations. Imagine this if you are a Broncos fan or an opposing quarterback: Babin and Von Miller on one side and Elvis Dumervil on the other. Combine that with Derek Wolfe getting a push up the middle and the Broncos would have one of the best pass rushes in recent history. Babin, as stated earlier, has not had a great season, but you would have to believe that he would be rejuvenated going from a losing team to a team that has a shot to win the Super Bowl.

If the Broncos were to sign Babin, it would change the current look of the defensive line. Babin would start at defensive end in place of Wolfe and Wolfe would move inside to defensive tackle where he would be a part of a rotation. That rotation would include Wolfe, Justin Bannan, Kevin Vickerson and others. Wolfe and Robert Ayers would also spell Dumervil and Babin at times. The Broncos have a very deep defensive line already. The addition of Babin would make it one of the deepest units in all of football.

The Broncos have made no bones about the fact that they are in it to win it right now and they will look at everything and anything that might help them get there. In the end, the Broncos probably will not make that move but I promise you this–it is being discussed right now at Dove Valley.

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