Petition Started to Remove Jerry Jones as Owner and GM of Dallas Cowboys

By Jeric Griffin
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere should rejoice as something wonderful has happened that’s been long overdue: A government petition has been created to remove Jerry Jones and owner and general manager of the Cowboys. The petition requires 25,000 virtual signatures on the White House’s official website by December 23, 2012. The verbiage of the petition is quite comical while truthful and neat.

The petition starts off with “We, the Citizens of the Great State of Texas, and Dallas Cowboys fans worldwide…” which alludes to the petitions creator, a “Steven M” of Fort Benning, Ga. Although the franchise hasn’t been a Super Bowl contender for quite some time, the Cowboys are considered by many to be the New York Yankees of the NFL, a team that is loved by many and hated by everyone else. Names on the petition already represent well over half the 50 United States with less than 1,000 signatures.

The petition calls Jones a “controlling, delusional  [and] oppressive dictator” and states that “his incompetence and ego have…caused extreme mental and emotional duress” to Cowboys fans. Any true fan of America’s Team who follows the franchise closely can definitely attest to those claims as Jones’ moves as general manager have been far worse than questionable since he ran Jimmy Johnson out of town nearly two decades ago.

Cowboys fans everywhere would be wise to sign the petition before the Dec. 23 deadline to create some sort of hope that this team might possibly get out from under the incompetent control of Jones, who has absolutely no business running a football team. Although most Cowboys fans would hate to admit it, Jones is a good owner (he built the spaceship-looking structure that is Cowboys Stadium) but he’s an awful general manager, despite what he says.

Sign the petition, Cowboys fans. It’s the only hope left for the franchise.

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