Roger Goodell Is a Choice for TIME Magazine's "Person of the Year"

By Bryan Lutz


Brace Hemmelgarn – US Presswire

If there is one thing TIME Magazine still has going for them, it’s their “person of the year”. It’s always interesting to see who they choose as the person of the year, even if you completely disagree with it. One would have to assume a person like Barack Obama would have a good chance at winning the award, considering he was just re-elected this year as the President of the United States. But he’s just one of the forty nominees, and one of those forty is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Seriously.

As I quote the great Wayne Campbell: “Exqueeze me, baking powder, did I hear you say the name Roger Goodell as person of the year”

How Goodell is even in the same sentence as some of these people is baffling. TIME’s reasoning behind the Goodell selection is due to his new stance on player’s safety. While that is a solid reason for the nomination, Goodell doesn’t really give a hoot about player safety. He just wants to protect his biggest assets.

They also point out that the NFL’s revenue has gone up 30% since Goodell took over. Oh really? I’m sure it’s all because of Goodell that the league has made money. Give me a break.

We have to remember this is a man who gives out bogus suspensions, wants to put a team in London, gave us replacement officials for four weeks, and was smack dab in the middle of long, winding NFL lockout a year ago.

So, Time, is that really your person of the year?

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