Washington Redskins: The Five Year Anniversary of Sean Taylor's Death

By Ryan Ruiz
James Lang-US Presswire

No person should pass away at the ripe of age of 24. Five years ago today, Washington Redskins all-pro safety Sean Taylor was shot and killed by intruders in his own home. Today, we remember and celebrate the life of the man known as “Meast” to his teammates.

Taylor played his college ball at the University of Miami, otherwise known as the “U” to former Hurricane players. Taylor’s hard hitting play at Miami earned him a top five pick in the 2004 NFL Draft. Picked by the Redskins with the fifth selection overall, Taylor filled a much needed void for them at the safety position. His teammates gave him his nickname because they claimed Taylor was half-man and half-beast.

During his too short career, Taylor officially made two pro bowl appearances. “Meast” demonstrated he was a team player and loved his teammates dearly. Wearing no. 21 because of his friend Fred Smoot, who had departed the Redskins for free agency, Sports Illustrated named Taylor the hardest hitter in the NFL before the 2007 season.

In four seasons with the Washington, Taylor accumulated 299 tackles, two sacks, eight forced fumbles, ans 12 interceptions. Much like Ed Reed for the Baltimore Ravens, Taylor was a force to be reckoned with and struck fear in to the eyes’ of his opponents.

After his death, the entire NFL fan base rallied behind the Redskins and showed support. To honor Taylor, on the first play of the first game back since his tragic death, the Redskins lined up with only ten men on the field against the Buffalo Bills. The free safety spot was vacant.

There are still many unanswered questions about Taylor’s death. Four men were arrested shortly after the burglary. As football fans, we have got to wonder, what would the NFL be like if Sean Taylor were still with us? May you rest in peace Sean.

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