DeMarco Murray Practices, Shouldn't Play Against Philadelphia Eagles

By Jeric Griffin
Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

The Dallas Cowboys saw running back DeMarco Murray in some sort of action for the first time in six weeks on Wednesday. The sophomore star hasn’t played since spraining his left foot in the first half of the Cowboys’ 31-29 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 6. Murray tallied 93 rushing yards in the first half of that contest and many members of the Dallas faithful believe the Cowboys would have won the game had Murray played in the second half. Fewer think that would have been a turning point in Dallas’ woeful season. It doesn’t matter because we’ll never know.

What the Cowboys do know is Murray is getting closer to returning, although it’s likely too late to salvage the season. At 5-6, Dallas is third in the NFC East with a very slim chance at making the playoffs, even with Murray in the lineup.

The reason? Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett doesn’t use his superstar like he should. Yes, I said “superstar” because Murray could be arguably the best back in the NFL if he stays healthy and Garrett learns how to use him. The former may happen, but don’t hold your breath on the latter. Dallas is doomed as long as “Red J” is at the helm.

However, the Cowboys could be a very successful team with a healthy Murray, a knowledgeable head coach and a talented offensive coordinator. Of course, none of those people can do their jobs effectively without an improved offensive line, but that’s another Rant altogether.

Murray only saw limited work in Wednesday’s practice, but that’s way more than he’s seen in the past month and a half. If things go perfectly for the rest of the week and he wakes up on Sunday morning feeling like a million bucks, then it’s possible that he could play on Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, but highly unlikely. The Cowboys would be foolish to rush Murray back onto the field with a season that’s likely over already.

The former Oklahoma Sooners workhorse is eager to get back on the field at this point, but it might be in his and the Cowboys’ best interest to rest Murray and make sure he’s 100 percent healthy for the 2013 campaign, which hopefully doesn’t include Garrett as part of the organization.

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