NFL Needs To Bring Back Saturday Games

By Andy Schmidt
Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

With the NFL season nearing its conclusion, I have noticed something in the schedule that is very alarming to me. What happened to the Saturday afternoon games that would occur at the end of the season? Where are those two or three games that we would get to see in Weeks 16 and 17 on Saturdays with college football out of the way? I think the time has come to bring those back as the NFL wants to expand the number of days and nights they control the sports landscape.

Who doesn’t remember that Saturday night a few years back when the New England Patriots were trying to finish off their undefeated regular season against the New York Giants? That game ended up being on three different networks after CBS and NBC picked up the NFL Network feed. I know that we wouldn’t get a game like that every year but with the flexible schedules now, why not put a great game in Week 16 and 17 on Saturday night that means something? The NFL wants as many eyes on their product as possible so let’s go back to the old days and bring back the Saturday games toward the end of the season.

While the NFL is at it, why don’t they just put a new TV contract out there and have another network bid on a limited Saturday night package for the final few weeks of the season after the college football regular season ends? You could put together a great set of games for Weeks 14-17 and give someone like the NBC Sports Network some programming along the way. It’s just a thought that could really work.

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