NFL Rumors: Is Jerry Jones Behind the Les Miles To Arkansas Rumors?

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Jerry Jones, owner of the NFL‘s Dallas Cowboys, is now trying to ruin another team, but a least this time it’s a rival and not his own team. Jones, who graduated from the University of Arkansas, is supposedly the man behind trying to get LSU Tigers coach Les Miles to the Razorbacks.

Sports By Brooks is reporting that Jones and Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long are the ones who are behind the entire process.

It’s no secret that Jones and Miles became very close when Miles was on the Cowboys’ coaching staff from 1998-2000 and that friendship was demonstrated when Jones gave Miles his personal jet to fly home to Ohio after Miles’ father passed away. It could also be the reason Miles’ name popped up in the Cowboys head coaching search in 2010.

Word is that Jones would contribute a significant amount of the $27.5 million in order to get Miles on board for the job at Arkansas.

You have to hand it to Jones–he really does want to win. Whether it’s at his alma mater or with the Cowboys, essentially nothing stops him from pursuing his goal of winning. Well, except naming a real general manager for the Cowboys. At least this time he’s only helping the process and not be the one to ruin it.

If Miles, by some miracle, takes the job at Arkansas, Jones would be partly responsible for taking down a rival at LSU and potentially building a winner at his alma mater. Just what Jerry’s always wanted: credit!

Jones, a man who needs to be in everyone’s business. Maybe if he spent more time helping fix the Cowboys, they’d have a better team.

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