What A Concussion To Peyton Manning Would Mean For Denver Broncos

By Mark Stringer
Denny Medley-US Presswire

Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning was nothing but injury concerns during the off-season and 2012 NFL preseason games, but there had been no talk of injury after Manning took the field for a couple solid weeks during the regular season. Then there was a scare last Sunday in a game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Manning had to take a concussion test soon after he left the field for halftime after a touchdown pass to TE Jacob Tamme with 18 seconds left in the first half. Manning got hit hard after he released the pass, but was checked by the medical staff and was cleared to return for the second half.

“I’m fine. Everything checked out okay, ” Manning said. “I took a hit there, but I was cleared.”

At least this was only a scare, but what if he had suffered a concussion at age 36? What would this have done to the Broncos?

There would be a good chance that Manning would have been sidelined for at least two games. The Broncos’ backup QB is rookie Brock Osweiler, who has the tools to lead a team, but is not quite ready to do that yet.

For a player at Manning’s age, concussions have to be cared for with a little more caution than a younger player and who knows how many games Manning would miss if he suffered this mysterious injury. If Manning had to miss any games, the Broncos might still make the playoffs, but their chances wouldn’t look very good going into the postseason.

Concussions are something Manning hasn’t had to face in the past, but if he suffered one now at the age of 36, it could end his career. This was a scare that could have ended up much worse than missing a game or two. It could have led to multiple concussions and the end of an amazing NFL career.


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