Denver Broncos: Von Miller Named Defensive Player of the Month

By Joe Morrone


Von Miller of the Denver Broncos continues to rack up sacks and awards. After being named defensive player of the week a couple of weeks ago, Miller was named AFC Defensive Player of the Month for November. If he continues at this pace, some even bigger awards may be on their way.

Miller was easily the best player on the defensive side of the ball over the past month; he finished November with eight sacks, ten tackles for a loss and three forced fumbles. Those numbers would be a great season for some players; that was a month for Miller. The numbers are great but they only tell a part of the story. Miller is the most disruptive defensive player in the NFL today. He demands attention from two or three blockers and that allows other players to make big plays. Kevin Vickerson, Justin Bannan and Wesley Woodyard are all having very good to great seasons, and Miller deserves some of the credit for their success. Taking nothing away from those three because they have been great, but when Miller is taking up two and three blockers it opens things up for other guys.

Truly great players are guys that opposing teams have to game plan for and have to spend practice time on during the week. Miller is one of those players; if teams do not account for him on every play then he’s going to ruin any offensive game plan. The scary part about Miller is that everyone from the coaches to players like Champ Bailey say that he has only scratched the surface, and can get a lot better. In my view he is one of the best defensive players in the game all ready; if he gets better then offensive coordinators who have to face him may never sleep again.

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