Drew Brees' Record of Consecutive Games with a Touchdown Pass Ends at 54

By Bryan Lutz
Drew Brees Sacked
Derick E. Hingle – US PRESSWIRE

Like the famous adage says: all good things must come to an end. Well, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees record of consecutive touchdown passes finally comes to an end at a remarkable 54 games. Brees’ Saints lost a key NFC South game against the Atlanta Falcons 23-13, in what was the only decent Thursday Night match-up since Week 2. However, no one is going to be talking about the game. Instead, they will be talking about Brees’ record.

Is Drew Brees’ record impressive? Definitely. However, I never thought too highly of the record, especially since the Saints love to run up the stats for their quarterback. Does anyone remember last season when the St. Louis Rams destroyed the Saints and Brees threw a touchdown as time pretty much expired? Good times.

Brees was nothing short of terrible tonight. Outside of having zero touchdowns, Brees threw five interceptions against the stingy Falcons’ defense. And it couldn’t have come at a better time considering I am facing Brees this week in Fantasy (yes, I know you don’t care).

If this game proved anything, it’s that the Falcons are the league’s most disrespected team. Even though they now stand at 11-1, people still don’t consider them the best team in the NFC. I’m willing to bet that notion was put to sleep tonight, along with Brees’ record.

Congratulations to the Falcons’ defense on shutting down Brees. It truly is a feat to be proud of.

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