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Five Things the Arizona Cardinals Need to do During the Off-season

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The Arizona Cardinals Need to Make Some Changes


The Arizona Cardinals were cruising along on top of the division and all of a sudden they lose seven games in a row and are dead last in the NFC West. Changes are going to be made. This team is not good on the offensive side of the ball. In fact, they are just plain awful. They can never get anything going, and when they do, they just give the ball to the other team. So, lets get to the core of the problem.

Who is to blame?

The problem for most of the season has been the offensive line, but it's not completely their fault. QB Kevin Kolb led the team to four straight victories, one of those wins came in a game where he was sacked eight times. Apparently that is his limit because the next game he was sacked nine times and they lost. QB John Skelton was named starter for the first game of the season and that decision should have told the organization to fire Ken Whisenhunt before the season even started.

This was supposed to be the Cardinals' year. Their defense looked pretty stacked at the beginning of the year and they were poised to compete for the division title. Unfortunately, the Cardinals' are out of the playoff picture and they are already looking forward to next year, or I mean, the fans are anyway.

What changes are going to be made? Will the Cardinals fire Whisenhunt? Trade for a quarterback? Hire an offensive genius? Check out my list of things the Cardinals need to do leading up to the 2013 season, enjoy.

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Get Rid of QB John Skelton

John boy

Skelton was a gamble that Whisenhunt should never have made. In his three seasons with the Cardinals he threw for over 3,600 yards, but he also threw 21 interceptions, which is two more than games he played. This year should be the last time Cardinals fans see Skelton ever throw in an Arizona uniform. He is terrible, borderline Ryan Leaf terrible. In fact, he came game short of tying Mr. Leaf's record of consecutive games with an interception. When a QB gets close to that record, he should not have a job anywhere in the NFL. Hopefully Skelton gets a starting job somewhere so the Cardinals know they will have an easy win.

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Fire Mike Miller


The Cardinals should not even give offensive coordinator Mike Miller a chance to defend his job. They should just fire him publicly, you know, really make a spectacle out of it. Maybe even send him a tweet:

"@MikeMiller we're going with somebody else #bummerdude"

He did hit the injury bug pretty hard, but the wheels fell off the bus long before the injuries started on this team. He failed to make adjustments when necessary and that is what the NFL is all about.

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Re-evaluate Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt

Kenny W

At first, I was all for firing the head coach, but I gave it some thought and decided the organization should not make an impulsive decision to kick him out the door. He might be the most successful coach this team has ever seen since moving to Arizona. The Cardinals need to shop around before they fire him. If they cannot find somebody better, there is no point of getting rid of Whisenhunt. He did take Arizona to the Super Bowl just a few short years ago.

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Hire Andy Reid


Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid has to be hurting emotionally. I think it would be best for him to take a year off from being the head coach. He needs to easy back into it. The Cardinals should hire him as offensive coordinator and have him waiting in the wings.

Reid seems to be a great molder of quarterbacks. He made Kolb look good enough to trade for him, made Michael Vick into a pro style quarterback, and made Donovan McNabb the future Hall of Famer he is today. There is no question in my mind that Reid would fix all the problems the Cardinals have on offense. He may be struggling in Philly at the moment, but he just needs a change of scenery.

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Trade for Michael Vick

Vick Stick

Vick is in the same boat at Reid. He needs a change of scenery. The warmer climate is always a good thing for an aging quarterback who wants to use his legs. The Cardinals need to jump on this quick and ship all three of their quarterbacks out. They need to give up a second-round pick for Vick, take the rest of his salary, and draft a quarterback that plays like Vick in the 2013 draft. Larry Fitzgerald's career would be rejuvenated, the Cardinals' defense would have something to play for, and the "birdgang" would win the division. I believe the Cardinals can change the course of their franchise with these simple off-season moves.