Jared Allen Fined $21,000 for Season-Ending Hit on Lance Louis; Fair Punishment?

By Andrew Fisher
Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Anyone watching the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears game last Sunday saw the massive block Jared Allen threw on offensive lineman Lance Louis. The hit took place following an interception, where Louis was watching the ball and was then blind-sided by Allen:

That’s gonna leave a mark.

Well not only did this hit ring the bell of Louis, it also ended his season by tearing his ACL. (You can see his left foot get caught underneath him during the blast.)

The NFL has decided it didn’t like the hit from Allen, and has fined the star defensive end $21,000.

Some of the Bears players were upset by the hit, and called Allen a dirty player.

Allen himself commented on the play:

“I never, ever try to intentionally hurt anybody. Just trying to make a block and spring our guys down sidelines. That’s unfortunate.”

Around the league, Allen really doesn’t have a reputation as a dirty player, and this may be the reason he wasn’t suspended for the hit, but the reality is that this hit should never cause a suspension. The fine is almost too much, but I do understand why it was handed down. The league is trying to help defenseless players, and while Louis was far from defenseless, he was blind-sided.

During the game, FOX Sports referee consultant Mike Pereira said that this is a type of hit the NFL is trying to eliminate.

As a fan of Allen and the Vikings, I liked the hit. It’s definitely unfortunate Louis tore his ACL, but it’s really just a freak occurrence. Hits like this have been happening in the game of football for years, and Louis is certainly guilty of not keeping his head down the field.

Will Allen show greater restraint in this situation in the future? I doubt it, and that’s why he’s one of the most fun players to watch in all of football.

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