Just Making Playoffs Shouldn't Be Good Enough For Dallas Cowboys Fans

By Ben Grimaldi
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It’s amazing how far the Dallas Cowboys‘ franchise has fallen. Yes, they are still the NFL‘s most talked about team and hold the unquestioned title of America’s Team but none of that has anything to do with winning.

It’s an organization that has won five Super Bowls and been to an all-time most eight title games; numbers that seem impressive but none of it has occurred recently. Instead, fans are left with just one playoff win in since the turn of the century.

Not only have the Cowboys only won a single playoff game since 2000, but they’ve only made the playoffs four times during that time period. One playoff win, no NFC Championship games and no Super Bowl appearances. To put that into perspective, look at some of the historically bad franchises that have represented the NFC in Super Bowls over the past 11 seasons: the New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers are among the teams on that list.

I would ask you to take a look at some of those names again but I don’t want to put you through that. And here we sit as Cowboys fans and we’re still looking for someone to return us to the days where the Cowboys seemed to be in contention every year.

It gets even worse; it’s at the point right now where Cowboys fans are hoping to ‘just make the playoffs.’ How embarrassing is that for the Dallas faithful?

They deserve better. Making it to the playoffs should not be what is acceptable; having a consistently good football team each year and deep playoff runs should be the only things Cowboys fans should accept. Heck, it’s what the entire football world should expect, too! Squeaking into the playoffs and losing is not what anyone wants, yet that’s what Cowboys fans have been clinging to for the past decade or so.

Maybe Cowboys fans are spoiled, so what? That’s what happens when you root for a team with great history and tradition. It also means they expect greatness, which is why when I see people hoping the Cowboys make the playoffs, a part of me cringes. Again, that shouldn’t be the goal or the expectations. Cowboys fans want to win big.

Hoping to make the playoffs is not what any Cowboys fan should accept and forget the baby steps; Cowboys fans deserve a winning team. Making the playoffs every few years and the mediocrity continually seen from the Cowboys should not be tolerated! Jerry Jones and everyone inside the organization needs to fix it, and fast.

No, I’m not going to petition the government or stop rooting for the Cowboys. Even this article has very little merit to it, I’m just a fan ‘ranting’ his frustrations. Maybe I just wanted to remind all Cowboys fans what the franchise is about. Never has just making the playoffs been acceptable and I don’t want it to start now.

Sure Cowboys fans want the team to progress and making the playoffs would be a start but it’s not what we want; Cowboys fans want to be competing for the Super Bowl more often than not. That is what should be acceptable and not simply competing for the playoffs.

Yes, things are bigger in Texas, including goals.

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