Should The New York Giants Spend A Draft Pick On Tyrann Mathieu?

By jason evans
Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

As everyone expected, Tyrann Mathieu (a.k.a. “The Honey Badger” )declared for the NFL Draft today. He was suspended from LSU for various drug-related incidents and was kicked out of school. He was also recently arrested on drug charges. Nevertheless, the guy clearly has some ability. You don’t become a finalist for the Heisman if you’re a scrub. This is why the New York Giants should give him a look and maybe spend a sixth-round pick on him.

First of all, the Giants could use some additional secondary help. Corey Webster has scuffled this season. He’s been beat a few times deep this year, i.e. Jordy Nelson this past Sunday. He’s getting older. Prince Amukamara is fine at the other spot. The reason why the Giants go with a three safety look in the nickel is the fact that they have depth there and that Antrel Rolle is better than the other corners that the Giants have.

Mathieu can also help the Giants in the punt return game because New York doesn’t really have a punt returner. Dominik Hixon is hard to trust because he’s always hurt and Rueben Randle struggled in last week’s game and I’m not so sure if he’s an option moving forward.

I wouldn’t spend anything higher than a sixth-round pick on Mathieu, though. I would also put a zero tolerance policy in his contract as well; one slip and he’s cut. I know he’s trying to turn his life around, and he moved away from the guys who put him in bad situations, but until he proves otherwise, you can’t trust him. I think there are enough guys in the Giants’ locker room who can set him straight as well.

The Giants should roll the dice and spend a pick on the Honey Badger. Only a late one, though, and he has to come in on their terms.

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