Arizona Cardinals Must Stay Away from QB Alex Smith

By Kase Brammer
Alex Smith San Francisco 49ers
John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE

The Arizona Cardinals need to get healthy at the quarterback position. After watching John Skelton and Ryan Lindley struggle, it’s obvious that Kevin Kolb gives the Cardinals the best chance to win.

If Alex Smith is released by the San Francisco 49ers before April 1, 2013, the 49ers will not have to pay his base salary that is otherwise guaranteed. If Colin Kaepernick continues his current pace, the 49ers will release Smith.

If that does happen the Cardinals need to stay away from him. Why? Smith is not exactly an impact player, and the Cardinals need an impact player. If they can’t find one, they might as well stick with Kolb, because Smith will not have the game-changing ability the Cardinals are looking for.  So, heed my warning, if the Cardinals sign Smith in the off-season, fans will be just as disappointed.

In my opinion, there are two people likely to be available who the Cardinals need to go after hard. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and coach Andy Reid can change the course of this franchise. Reid is probably one of the top 20 coaches to ever walk the side lines and Vick would help keep defenses honest when it comes to running the football.  I know Smith has the ability to run the football, but it’s a different style of running, one that I believe would be a failure and only lead to injury.

It will be expensive to takeover Vick’s contract, but Smith will demand a lot in free agency, especially because teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets and possibly the Minnesota Vikings will be driving up the price. The 49ers will probably try to trade him, though, because they do not want Smith to end up in the same division.

I cannot guarantee Smith will not end up in Arizona, but if he does, the Cardinals are going to regret it.

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