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Top 5 worst moves by the Oakland Raiders in the past decade

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Top 5 worst moves by the Oakland Raiders in the past 10 years

Oakland Raiders
Mitch Stringer- US Presswire

The Oakland Raiders have made some bad moves throughout this year, the latest being the speculation of the Raiders releasing their eigth overall selection from 2010, linebacker Rolando McClain. McClain just appears to be another "Raider bust" as the Raiders continue on their losing streak. Are the Raiders just really bad in the draft? Actually, they make pretty bad decisions quite often.

Whether it is a weak trade, a draft pick that is reaching, or just a really bad signing; the Raiders appear to have one of the worst organizations as far as management of the roster. Many people blame the late Al Davis for bad decisions, and although he has made plenty, there is obviously still something very wrong with the Raiders because it seems like they strikeout more than anyone these days. So, in light of the recent cuts and waives of the Raiders, an interesting question came to mind: What have been the Raiders worst transactions in the past 10 years? Honestly, the real challenge is narrowing it down to five, because there is probably 20 different huge mistakes that they have made in this decade alone. The Raiders have very general but annoying problems with decision making, such as drafting speed in the draft, trading for veterans at the end of their prime, unwanted players, or even just the moves they don't make matter as well. So, here are the moves that I feel were not only disappointing, but flat out bad for the Raiders. Number one may be a shock to some...

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#5 Rolando McClain equals bust?

Oakland Raiders
Mark J. Rebilas- US Presswire

McClain's performance on the field has been very disappointing, and it appears he is making an early exit from Oakland.

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#4 Robert Gallery drafted second overall

Oakland Raiders
Kirby Lee- US Presswire

Robert Gallery played for the Raiders, but never lived up to the hype.

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#3 Raiders give way too much for Carson Palmer

Oakland Raiders
Frank Victores- US Presswire

The Raiders give up their first-round pick for a quarterback who is good, but Carson Palmer isn't that good.

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#2 Jamarcus Russell. Biggest bust in draft history.

Oakland Raiders
Kirby Lee- US Presswire

Worst first overall pick ever. Period. Wait...who is worse than Jamarcus Russell?

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#1 Ran-University disappears in Oakland

Oakland Raiders
Brace Hemmelgarn- US Presswire

Why is the Randy Moss trade worse than Russell? Russell was the best quarterback in the draft, next in line was Brady Quinn; it was a lose-lose situation. The Moss trade did the grand magic trick of making him disappear. The Raiders had the seventh overall pick in the draft and could of had Aaron Rodgers instead.