2012 NFL 20 Most Intriguing Playoff Matchups

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2012 NFL 20 Most Intriguing Playoff Match Ups

NFL Playoffs
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With Week 13 of the 2012 NFL season here it is time to begin setting our focus on the upcoming playoffs which will begin, believe it or not, in just five weeks. The calendar is about to turn its page to the final month of the year and that means the NFL postseason is just around the corner. There are still several teams that remain in the hunt to secure a spot in the tournament and hope they can go on a magical Super Bowl run.

There are currently 18 teams who still at least have a puncher’s chance in reaching the postseason which means there are several possible matchups. What sports fan or follower doesn’t sit and ponder the possible playoff matchups that could occur when it gets close to that time of year? Here at Rant Sports we do the exact same thing: imagine which games could be exciting, which ones would have the most hype surrounding them and which ones could possibly be the most intriguing between all of the 18 teams which remain eligible.

Here are my top 20 most intriguing NFL playoff matchups. Please feel free to read, enjoy and also comment at the end if you either agree or disagree with the selections which have been made. After all we all know that any sports discussion whether it’s there is agreeing or disagreeing occurring that it’s not only healthy but also the backbone on which sports talk and journalism is built on.

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#20 Atlanta Falcons vs San Francisco 49ers

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The Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers squaring off at some point in the NFC playoffs would be intriguing for several reasons but heres the most important one: These may just be the best two teams in the entire conference.

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#19 Washington Redskins vs Green Bay Packers

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If the Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins were to meet up in the postseason it would be very intriguing to see what Robert Griffin III could do in his first appearance in Lambeau Field because more than likely that's where the game would be held.

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#18 Chicago Bears vs New York Giants

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The Chicago Bears and New York Giants could put on a show for fans if the two teams were to meet up in the NFC Playoffs, especially if it happens in the conference championship game.

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#17 Denver Broncos vs Houston Texans

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Terrific offense versus a dominating defense and vice versa; that's what a potential AFC playoff matchup featuring the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans would provide for the masses, especially in the conference championship game.

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#16 New England Patriots vs Houston Texans

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The New England Patriots and Texans have a Week 14 date scheduled between them already and it should be a good one but it would be even better if these two AFC powerhouses met up at some point in the postseason also.

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#15 Houston Texans vs Chicago Bears

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The Bears and Texans have already met up once this season in a Week 10 defensive showdown. Now the only way that these two top teams can see each other again is in the Super Bowl, which would be a tremendous battle for it all.

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#14 New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens

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The Patriots and Baltimore Ravens battled to the end in their Week 3 showdown, which was won by the Ravens on a field goal at the end. Imagine if these two AFC rivals had a chance to go head-to-head again in the postseason.

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#13 New York Giants vs Green Bay Packers

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When the Giants and Packers meet up it's always good entertainment; two elite teams, two elite quarterbacks and two passionate fan bases. Last year these two were involved in a tremendous postseason matchup so who wouldn't want to see an encore again this year?

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#12 Baltimore Ravens vs Houston Texans

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The Ravens and Texans squared off in Week 7 with Houston smacking Baltimore 43-13. However, I doubt seriously that the final score would be that lopsided if these two proud franchises had a postseason meeting, especially not in an AFC Championship game.

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#11 Washington Redskins vs New York Giants

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The Redskins and Giants are not only NFC East rivals but they also could provide tremendous entertainment if they met up in the postseason. If you need proof just rewind back to their epic showdown in Week 7 when both Robert Griffin III and Eli Manning tossed go-ahead touchdown passes in the final 1:30.

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#10 San Francisco 49ers vs Chicago Bears

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The 49ers and Bears played one another back in Week 11 with the 49ers manhandling the Bears 32-7. However, if these two teams that possess the top two defenses in the NFC were to meet up again in the postseason, the game would be much closer and intriguing as well.

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#9 Houston Texans vs San Francisco 49ers

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A Texans-49ers Super Bowl would be an amazing one. Both of these teams play extremely well in all three phases of the game, which means that in the ultimate game both teams would leave everything out on the field trying to claim the Lombardi Trophy.

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#8 Denver Broncos vs Baltimore Ravens

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Over the years, Peyton Manning against the Ravens' defense has been must-see television, especially when the they face each other in the postseason. This year, Manning has a chance to lead his new team, the Broncos, versus possibly Ray Lewis and his unit in what could be a terrific AFC Championship Game.

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#7 San Francisco 49ers vs Denver Broncos

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During the off-season the 49ers were one of the teams that attempted to sign Peyton Manning and entice him to play by the bay. Manning turned them down and decided to go with the Broncos, so imagine if Denver and San Francisco met up in the Super Bowl. The excitement and hype that would be created can't be described.

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#6 Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots

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Can we ever get enough of Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady? I think the answer to that question is no, which is why the NFL continues to pit these teams against each other every year. So ponder the possibilities of these two and their respective teams. The Broncos and Patriots meeting up in the postseason (and dare I say AFC Championship Game) would be must-see television, unless you can get a ticket to the game itself.

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#5 Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers

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Why wouldn't the NFL's best current rivalry be in the top five of this list? Even though the Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers meet each other twice a season, who wouldn't want to see them get at each other during the postseason? Is there reason why this matchup shouldn't occur during the tournament?

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#4 Washington Redskins vs Indianapolis Colts

Brad Mills-US Presswire

Sure, it's a bit of a stretch to fathom the Indianapolis Colts and Redskins would both be able to reach the Super Bowl and square off against one another, but hey, (using my Kevin Garnett voice) anything is possible! If Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck could possibly get their teams into the tournament then navigate them through the playoffs and reach the Super Bowl to play one another, who wouldn't be glued to the television sets for that one?

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#3 Denver Broncos vs Indianapolis Colts

Brian Spurlock-US Presswire

If the playoffs were to begin today the Colts and Broncos would be meeting each other in the AFC Wild Card round. In case anyone doesn't realize the significance of that, then please allow me to fill you in: Not only will Peyton Manning get the opportunity to face off against a franchise that he made relevant but he'll get to do so just one season after they gave up on him. Not to mention, Manning would be able to go up against Andrew Luck, who the Colts brought in to replace the Hall of Famer. Can you say the epitome of intrigue?

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#2 San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens

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Last season we were just moments away from seeing the Ravens and 49ers facing each other in the Super Bowl. This season, if these two teams play as they should during the tournament, then we can witness the Harbaugh Bowl which we were robbed of last year. Jim Harbaugh and John Harbaugh are two of the better head coaches in the NFL and if they guide their teams as so then my two preseason Super Bowl picks will be squaring off in the biggest game of the year.

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#1 Denver Broncos vs New York Giants

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Intrigue in this situation could best be described as two brothers (Peyton Manning and Eli Manning) leading their teams (the Broncos and Giants) to the biggest game of the year (Super Bowl XLVII) which just so happens to be in New Orleans, Louisiana, this year (the city that these two brothers grew up in). If the Giants and Broncos square off against one another in this year's Super Bowl then there isn't a Hollywood script writer out there who could have penned a better story.

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