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5 Most Embarrassing Moments from Week 12 in the NFL

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Top 5 Embarrassing Moments from Week 12 in the NFL

NFL Week 12
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Let’s face it, there are many times during professional sporting events that you can’t help but just laugh at something that happens. It could be something embarrassing or just plain old hilarious. I have comprised a list of the top five embarrassing things that I saw during the past week in football.

Week 12 proved to be a very funny week, and that’s the way football, and all sports should be. The fans, the coaches and especially the players should be having a good time. The instances that made my list will no doubt be situations that caught everyone’s eye within the last week.

Now remember this, not every reason though is absolutely hilarious; these are the top five most embarrassing moments. Meaning one or two of them will have had the “Did that really just happen…Wow” reaction from me. And I’m sure many football fans out there will feel the same. Some of these situations are not impressive at all.

Among these reasons include run-ins with sprinklers, kicks to the groin and a few substance abuse cases. Not all hilarious by any means, but they sure are embarrassing. Some of the instances have to do with a team embarrassing themselves by making stupid, silly mistakes. Athletes create a world of laughter for their fans and many wouldn’t have it any other way.

Regardless of the reason the following five slides have plays or news that caught my eye this week while watching games and sporting news. Agree with me or not, make your comments please. Did I miss something?

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5.) Tennessee Titans Lose to Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans

Call me bias because I am the Tennessee Titans writer that’s fine, but the loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars this past Sunday was just inexcusable. There were even a few players that even stated that it was embarrassing. To lose to a team that not only had won one game, they had not won any at home. It was sloppy playing by the Titans despite getting a season high seven sacks on Chad Henne.

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4.) Players using Adderall


Within the last week there have been many names in the news for PEDS (Performance enhancing drugs). These names are all big in football and it’s ironic that they are all surfacing at the same time. The athletes’ drug of choice seems to be Adderall. Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Eric Wright and New England Patriots defensive end Jermaine Cunningham have been associated with the findings. Wright and Cunningham have both been suspended.

Other players included in these PED findings so far this season include; New York Giants safeties Tyler Sash and Will Hill; New England Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib; Atlanta Falcons offensive lineman Joe Hawley; and Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden.

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3.) Sprinklers going off in Miami

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If you didn’t see the video of this live click here to watch it now. The video speaks for itself. This little tid-bit made my Sunday. How often does something happen in regards to sprinklers in baseball or football. Needless to say the game would be put in a delay for a short time until they turned off.

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2.) Ndamukong Suh kicks Matt Schab

Lions vs Texans

Ndamukong Suh from the Detroit Lions is by far one of the most dirty and dangerous players on the active NFL rosters right now. It seems though too that he likes the attention. This past week not only was it embarrassing to Houston Texans’ quarterback Matt Schaub, but it should have been embarrassing to Suh also. Suh gave Schaub quite the kick to the groin in their meeting during week 12.

The worst part and most embarrassing for the Lions, Suh will be fined $30,000 for the incident, but stats that he ‘Didn’t mean to do it’, and does not plan on apologizing.

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1.) Mark Sanchez fumbles against Patriots

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The Jets have some serious problems this year, but usually it is against the other time. On Thanksgiving quarterback Mark Sanchez decided to throw everyone for a loop by running into one of his own lineman. He caused a fumble and the New England Patriots were able to score on the play. The Patriots won that game 49-19 and did I forget to mention that the Jets gave up 35 of those points just in the second quarter. How embarrassing.