Denver Broncos LB Von Miller Very Deserving of NFL Monthly Award

By Mark Stringer
Ron Chenoy – US Presswire

Denver Broncos LB Von Miller just put together one heck of a month by anybody’s standards. During a month in which the Broncos played four games, Miller recorded 20 tackles, eight sacks, 10 tackles for loss and three forced fumbles, which won him the NFL Defensive Player of the Month Award.

If Miller was to play that well over 16 games, his numbers for a complete season would be 80 tackles, 32 sacks, 40 tackles for loss and 12 forced fumbles. These numbers would likely make Miller a candidate for the NFL MVP award.

Though it would nearly be unrealistic to maintain those type of numbers for an entire season, if anyone could do it Miller would be the one.

Miller hasn’t played quite that well for the whole season, but he has been solid all year. He is currently on pace to record about 65 tackles, 20 sacks and six forced fumbles. These numbers should get him considered for the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award.

Miller had one of the best months of any defensive players this year and definitely deserved the player of the month award. There should be much more to look forward to from Miller and perhaps many more awards like this one.

This is one first-round pick that the Broncos and their fans should be proud of for a long time.


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