Should the Chicago Bears Draft Tyrann 'Honey Badger' Mathieu?

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

I absolutely would love the Chicago Bears to take a shot at Tyrann ‘Honey Badger’ Mathieu next season. He is an absolute beast on the football field and could provide the Bears with the big-hitting safety they’ve been missing for years.

I’ve always discussed how important it is to have guys with character on your football team, and I believe that Lovie Smith and company can save this kid. Mathieu was dismissed from the LSU Tigers this past season by coach Les Miles for a violation of team rules. It was reported that he failed more than one drug test (he was suspended one-game in 2011 for failing one).  Mathieu did enter a rehabilitation center in Houston, Texas, and reenrolled at LSU last September (despite originally supposedly being out the whole academic year), but was arrested along with three other former LSU players possessing marijuana last October.

The most obvious statement of all-time is there’s baggage. And it will not fit in the overhead bin or under the seats in front of us. But, we’ve seen this kid dominate on a football field. With a veteran group on the Bears defense and the aforementioned Smith who’s known as a players’ coach around the league, this is a match for someone who needs guidance. While my intentions are to selfishly help the Bears, it writes a great story of how one can be on the top, fall hard and pick one’s self up and rise again.

Mathieu hasn’t stepped on a football field in a while. There’s no way to know if he skills have diminished. But the pundits that are writing Mathieu off are shameful. He’s made some mistakes, but we’re talking about a kid. He has a right to prove himself both as an athlete and as a man before we rush to judge him. Maybe he’ll be a disaster or he might be a Hall of Famer, but to determine his fate before the book is written is doing him an injustice. From a football standpoint, this is high-reward/low-gamble opportunity. And the Bears are holding the best hand at the table.

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